Agreement for rental of beds in furnished self-catering accommodation

This Agreement is for a single person in shared accommodation for the Winter or Summer Season in Chalet Tacot, Morzine. If you are booking a whole room please state this on the online booking form.

Included in the cost of the Rental Payment:

• All utility bills are included
• Single Bed accommodation in shared bedroom with mattress protection, duvet and pillow only – (Bring your own laundry and towels)
• Access to communal bath/shower rooms
• Use of all the communal kitchen facilities and lounge
• Use of communal Storage for personal belongings including Ski’s, Snowboard, Ski Boots, Mtn Bikes
• Parking on the chalet grounds

Schedule of Payment -The conditions of payment will be as follows:

(1)   500 euros non-refundable BOOKING deposit to secure the booking.
(2)   Remaining balance & your SECURITY deposit must be paid before 15th November 2020

Example –

Cost of bed – 2800 euro

Security deposit – 500 euro

  1. Pay 500 euro BOOKING DEPOSIT now
  2. Pay Balance of bed – 2300 euro & 500 euro SECURITY DEPOSIT before 15TH NOVEMBER 2020
  3. TOTAL PAID – 3200 euro

Payment Details


All payments are to be made directly to SARL Basscamp Festival using the details below.
Please use a reference when making an online payment or while in your bank – FOR EXAMPLE – CHALET TACOT DEPOSIT / FULL BALANCE & YOUR NAME
Bank Transfer Details – (Any charges must be paid by the renter / and any charges for returning security deposits)

Bank Address

Banque Populaire Des Alpes, 
4 Square aristide briand
, 74200
 ,Thonon Les Bains, 

Pay to – SARL Basscamp Festival

Please use a reference when making an online payment or while in your bank – FOR EXAMPLE – CHALET TACOT DEPOSIT / FULL BALANCE & YOUR NAME
Account Number – 32538391217

IBAN- FR76 1680 7000 3532 5383 9121 732


Bank Code – 16807
 Guichet Code – 00035 
Rib – 32

Security / Damage / Cleaning Deposits

Winter security deposits – 500 euros per person- (Summer 400 euro)

Your Security Deposits are to be paid before 1st April ( summer booking ) or 1st October ( winter bookings ) which will be refunded after your season providing there has been no damage to Chalet, the rooms and/or contents. The Security Deposit will not be repaid until all the Tenants have vacated the Chalet has been checked for cleaning and all damage and that Powderdays has received their deposit back from the chalet owner. All damages to the Chalet and/or its contents will be fully paid for by Tenants. All necessary additional cleaning to the Chalet at the end of the season will be charged at 30 Euros per hour. Shorter stay tenants deposits will be dealt with directly with Powderdays on departure.

Security deposit refunds will be paid only into European banks, bank charges will be paid by the renter for transfers.

Tenants Conditions-


Tenants will receive a full refund ( minus money transfer fee ) If the Resort of Morzine does not open for the season before 1st December 2020.

If the Portes Du Soleil (PDS) ski area is fully closed during the season due to Covid 19 then a pro rata refund will be applied from the cost of the money paid for a bed. With the refunds being calculated from the 1st day of the next month.

No refunds will be given if you decide to leave early for another reason, as in the normal terms and conditions of booking a bed for the season. Only if the resort is closed.

If the resort closes and If any foreign office, recommends that only French Nationals or French residents can stay in resort then the chalet must be vacated as soon as possible and you must return to your country of residence.

No refunds will be returned until the chalet is empty and has been checked for cleaning and damages. The 500 euro damage/security deposits will fully refunded, as long as the chalet is returned as found at start of season.

The chalet is no smoking

The Tenant agrees to maintain the Chalet at all times to the same level and standard as on arrival. Any items damaged during the rental period must be replaced like for like and to the satisfaction of the owner and/or their representative. If there is a problem with the chalet on your arrival let Powderdays know immediately.

Any breakage and/or damage sustained during the rental period must be notified immediately to the Renter. Any repairs or replacement carried out as a result of Tenant damage and/or breakage will be deducted from the Damage Deposit. The amounts deducted will be the total amount (i.e.) Labour costs, overheads, delivery and all reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the damage or breakage. Should the total bill for repair or replacement exceed the Damage Deposit amount then the Tenant shall be responsible for the difference and will be invoiced by the owner as specified and instructed.

As this is an constantly evolving situation rules and regulations could change from the authorities at any time.

Social behaviour

You must respect your neighbours with regards to noise at all times and general social behaviour. Complaints from neighbours will be treated very seriously and could result in eviction and loss of 20 euros per person from the Security deposit each time there is an issue.

There must not be big chalet parties, with soundsytems, DJ’S, BANDS and open invites online, social media events for anyone to attend.

The Renter has the right to evict Tenants who cause disturbance, noise trouble and complaints from other Tenants and neighbours. Following three warnings being issued the Tenant will be evicted with NO refund of Rental Payment or Security Deposit. Should the Tenant wish to terminate the Rental for any reason no refund of the Rental Payment will be made under any circumstances.

Refunds & change of Tennant

In the case of unforeseen circumstances preventing the Tenant starting or completing the Rental Period then the Tenant may transfer the remainder of the Rental Period to another person but subject only to the sole permission and discretion of Powderdays to accept the replacement Tenant.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances once any booking has been made- SEE ABOVE

Powderdays has the right to raise or lower the price of accommodation on it’s website at any time.


Skiing, Snowboarding & Mountain Biking carries an element of danger and all clients must be covered by an appropriate insurance policy.  If you are likely to participate in other activities available in the resort (e.g. tobogganing, paragliding, or snow-mobiling etc.), please make sure the insurance includes full cover for all the activities that you may participate in.
It is the responsibility of you and all members of your Party to ensure the insurance cover (including cancellation cover) is purchased and is suitable and adequate for your particular requirements. Powderdays cannot be responsible for your costs if you fail to do so.

It is forbidden to sub let the Chalet

The Tenant can have friends to stay for short non-consecutive periods of time, at a small charge of 10 euros per person per night ( 15 EURO IN SUMMER ) regardless to how much you paid for your bed or if you have rented a whole room and we must be notified before their arrival. This is only to help cover the high fuel bills that must be paid. If friends are found to be staying without helping out with the fuel bill payment then the 10 euros fee will be taken from your deposit & from each of the tenants. It’s the group’s responsibility to be honest about people staying over also to make it fair on everyone. If any friends are deemed to be staying for free for a long period of time without payment, the Tenant and their friend could be liable to eviction.

Keys  ( If applicable to property )

Copying of the keys to the Chalet or giving out the door code is strictly forbidden. One set of keys will be given to the Tenant. Replacement sets must be authorized by the Renter or the owner’s representative. The cost of replacement of any keys not returned at the end of the Rental Period will be deducted from the Damage Deposit. (20 euro per key)

Weekly inspections

The Renter (Powderdays) will be making weekly inspections to make sure that the communal areas are being kept tidy, clean and rubbish being removed from the chalet. If the chalet and garden is not deemed to be clean and tidy 20 euros will be deducted on every occasion from each Tennant.

Chalet Cleaning

The entire property is to be kept clean and tidy. The kitchen bins must be emptied regularly and recycling taken away. The kitchen should be kept in a hygienic state at all times. All pots and pans must be washed immediately after cooking and work surfaces wiped down so that your fellow housemates can cook for themselves. Cover the gas hob with tin foil to help keep clean from grease while cooking. Regular sweeping and mopping is needed in all rooms.

The bathrooms must be properly cleaned, removing hairs from the plugholes and using drain cleaner on a regular basis to avoid blockages. Only toilet paper must be put down the toilets, use the bins provided for other waste. You will be charged if a plumber has to come to unblock any pipes from blockages caused by you.

The garden must be kept clean and tidy from any rubbish, beer bottles etc, if you have friends round for a BBQ for example. There are other rented apartments overlooking the chalet and they will complain if the garden is messy. You and your other housemates will be charged 20 euros per person on each occasion if the garden is not kept clean and there are complaints from neighbours.
There will be a live in Housemate who role is to make sure that the chalet is kept clean and tidy and no trouble is caused. This does not mean that this person is a cleaner. You personally and the group are responsible for any cleaning and rubbish. Get together and make a rota so the jobs are shared out evenly between the group.

Rubbish disposal – very important

There is no local rubbish collection anymore so the bins bags MUST be taken to the local rubbish collection points.

There are many rubbish sites around Morzine including at the Carrefour Supermarket and the Prodain roundabout. Just grab a bag and even take them on the bus with you up the hill.

All glass, plastic, tin and cardboard MUST be taken to the rubbish bins.

20 euros per person will be deducted per person every time the rubbish has not been removed from the chalet. Every other property in Morzine has to do remove their own rubbish, so your chalet must do the same.


Drugs are not allowed in the Chalet or on the Chalet grounds. Any problems with drugs will result in eviction.

The wearing of ski and hard snowboard boots, muddy or dirty boots inside the Chalet is strictly forbidden.

Skis & boards and mountain bikes must be kept in the ski locker room ( not inside the building)

All light bulbs will be working in the chalet on arrival; it is up to the Tenants to replace them as necessary.

The Renter reserves the right of entry to regularly inspect the Chalet at all times during the rental period after advising the Tenants. In the case of an emergency The Renter and/or the owner and/or their representatives may enter without prior notice.

The Tenant is responsible for the security and safety of their personal possessions and contents. The Renter or the owner cannot be held responsible for the loss damage or theft of the Tenants personal belongings. The Tenant must respect the rules and conditions of the Chalet. Failure to respect these rules may result in eviction by the Renter and/or the owner and/ or their representative.

Should it be necessary to evict a Tenant then there shall be no refund of any portion of the Rental Payment or Damage Deposit.

If fire alarm sounds it will not stop for any reason for 5 minutes

Do not under any circumstances press the buttons or open the panel and try and disconnect the batteries as this my cause the whole panel to short circuit. The alarm costs thousands of euros and if it is damaged the chalet will be responsible to replace it.

Contact your Powderdays resort rep if the alarm sounds or there are any lights on apart for the one green light.

Do not disable the ceiling smoke detectors in the chalet, if this is spotted a repair man will be called out to check damages of a charge of at least 170 euro

Logs are not included- Logs can orderded for delivery at the Chalet – the price is around 80 euro per Stair , the chalet must pay for these on arrival and stack the logs themselves.